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Benefits of Factoring

Worldwide, invoice factoring is by far the most commonly used method of providing cash flow solutions to businesses operating B2B. But there is more to factoring. Click Here.

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In spite of it's well known abilities to deal with the cash flow problems caused by slow paying customers, factoring is also one of the simplest financial tools to access. Click Here

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Our ability to provide your small business with cash flow solutions from factoring are well known nationwide, but we have many other alternative commercial finance tools to employ for the growth and working capital your business needs and deserves. Click Here for more information.

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Factoring is used by tens of thousands of business owners operating in hundreds of B2B industries and even in some very specialized niches

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Factoring has allowed me to grow my guard and security service beyond what I ever thought possible and never worry about payroll
John S.
Owner Security Service
With the help of factoring, we now have been able to contract with the larger customers I was always afraid to approach for business
Sylvia T.
Commercial Catering
As a heavy equipment owner / operator, I used to wait up to 60 days to get paid by general contractors. Not anymore with factoring
Demetrius C.
Heavy Equipment Operator
The monthly volume of my janitorial service has nearly doubled within 18 months now that I have the ability to grant attractive payment terms
Van C.
Commercial Cleaning